Appendicitis is an inflammation of the vermiform appendix, a narrow blind tube extends from the inferior part of the caecum usually just below the ileo-cecal valve, mostly found in males at the age 15-25 years.


  1. Active cause idiopathic
  2. Passive cause as:
  3. Constipation
  4. Intestinal obstruction
  5. Lymphoid hyperplasia
  6. Bacteria (e-coli)

Clinical features:

  1. Pain in RLQ
  2. Pain in Mc Burney point (localized at half may between the umbilicus & right iliac crest)
  3. Anorexia
  4. Nausea
  5. Tenderness
  6. Low Grade fever
  7. Furred moist tongue


  1. Perforation
  2. Ulceration
  3. Peritonitis
  4. Gangrene
  5. Abscesses


  1. X ray
  2. Blood for leukocytes
  3. CBC

Medical Management:

  1. Anti-inflammatory drug
  2. Anti-pyretic

Surgical Management:

  1. Appendectomy

Nursing Management:

  1. Avoidance from self-treatment
  2. NPO for empty gastric if surgery needed
  3. Ice bags applied to the right lower quadrant to decrease flow of blood to the area & impede the inflammatory process
  4. Never provide heat that may lead to appendix rupture
  5. Observe for any complication

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