A) Definitions:

  1. It may be defined as a larger group of individual living together from a long time in a locality having common interest goals and way of life.
  2. It is an aggregate of mutually related individual in a given location.
  3. There are two conditions for a group to be a community.
  4. The group of members lives together territory.
  5. They fulfill the needs of there life.

B) Examples of community:

  1. Village.
  2. Chak
  3. Mohallah.
  4. Basti.
  5. Tribe.  

c) Difference Between Community And Society 

Smaller group of people. Large group of people
People have close interaction. People have no close interaction
People have sentiments with one another and towards locality. People have no sentiments with one another and towards locality.
There is sense of belonging to one another. There is no feeling of belonging.
Social life people are influenced. By local culture. Social lives of people are influenced by general culture
The number of institution are limited The numbers of institution are unlimited.
Co-operations with one another is more effective. Co-operations with one another are less effective.

There are two type of community:

  1. Rural.
  2. Urban.


1 Number of professions is limited. Number of professions is un-limited.
2 Sparsely populated. Thickly populated.
3 Informal relations. Formal relations.
4 Rate of social mobility is lower. Rate of social mobility is high.
5 Social life is simple. Social life is complex.
6 Economy depends upon agriculture. Economy depends upon different profession and business activities.
7 Means are communications are very slow. Means are communications are very fast.
8 No modern facilities. Modern facilities are present.
9 There is endogamy. Exogamy is present.
10 Culture life is influenced. Culture life is less influenced.
11 Peoples are superstitious. Peoples are less superstitious.

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