Islamiat MCQs/BCQs

Islamiat |1stYear| 2nd Semester| BSN (Generic)

  1. The conquest of Makkah was held in year:
    A) 6 hijra
    B) 9 hijra
    C) 7 hijra
    D) 8 hijra
    E) 10 hijra
  2. The name of grandfather of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H):

Abdul Mutalib

3. The Qureshi were used profession of
A) Farming
B) Teaching
C) Trading
D) Hunting
E) Fishing

4. When Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) left his followers physically the Muslims take an oath on the hand of:
A) Hazrat Ali R.A
B) Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A
C) Hazrat Usman R.A
D) Hazrat Talha R.A
E) Hazrat Umar R.A

5. The batle of Khyber was fought in hijrah:
A) 9th
B) 7th
C) 5th
D) 8th
E) 6th

6. The First Battle was fought between Muslim of Madina Quraish of Makkah was:
A) Khyber
B) Muta
C) Khandak
D) Uhad
E) Badar

7. In the battle of Baddr the leader of Quraysh was :
A) Aamir Al Hazar
B) Utbabin Rabia
C) Abu Sufyan
D) Abu Jihil
E) Umar bin abdwud

8. The name of the 1st wife of the Prophet (P.B.U.H):
A) Bibi Ume-e-Salma R.A
B) Bibi Ayesha R.A
C) Bibi Hafsa R.A
D) Bibi Khadija R.A
E) Bibi Safia R.A

9. Hazrat Ali R.A belong to:
A) Bano Quraiza
B) Bano Nazir
C) Bano Hashim
D) Bano Abbas
E) Bano Ummya

10. The Name of The Prophet whom the people had took into the fire was:
A) Hazra Essa A.S
B) Hazrat Zakarya A.S
C) Hazrat Ibrahim A.S
D) Hazrat Mussa A.S
E) Hazrat Daud A.S

11. The number of Khulafa-e-Rashdin are:
A) Two
B) Five
C) Three
D) Four
E) Six

12. The prophet (P.B.U.H) go this 1st marriage at the age of:
A) 25 years
B) 35 years
C) 30 years
D) 20 years
E) 40 years

13. In Battle of Uhud the number of Muslim Army was:
A) 600
B) 900
C) 700
D) 1000
E) 800

14. Abu Jahl Was Killed In battle of:
A) Khandak
B) Badar
C) Khyber
D) Hunain
E) Uhad

15. In The Islamic History the 1st time“Azan”call for prayer was given by:
A) Hazrat Usman
B) Hazrat Ali
C) Hazrat Umar
D) Hazrat Bilal
E) Hazrat Zubair

16. The work of taken out soul from the human body is done by the angel:
A) Hazrat Izraeel A.S
B) None of these
C) Hazrat Meekail A.S
D) Hazrat Israfeel A.S
E) Hazrat Jibraeel A.S

17. When the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left for Madinah from Makkah, he stays on his bed:
A) Hazrat Usman R.A
B) Hazrat Ali R.A
C) Hazrat AbuBakar R.A
D) Hazrat Umar R.A
E) Hazrat Hassan R.A

18. Khana Kabah was built by:
A) Hazrat Moosa A.S
B) Hazrat Mutalib
C) Hazrat AbuTalib
D) Hazrat Daud A.S
E) Hazrat Ibrahim A.S

19. The Name of the1st daughter of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H):
A) Bibi Ruquia R.A
B) Bibi Sakeena R.A
C) Bibi Zainab R.A
D) Bibi Ume Kulsoom R.A
E) Bibi Fatima R.A

20. The Holy book “Quran” was revealed on the prophet:
A) Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)
B) Hazrat Zakria A.S
C) Hazrat Daud A.S
D) Hazrat Essa A.S
E) Hazrat Mussa A.S

21. The pact of Messak-e-Madina was held in:
A) 1st Hijrah
B) 4th Hijrah
C) 2nd Hijrah
D) 3rd Hijrah
E) 5th Hijrah

22. The Heart of Holy Quran is:
A) Suray Taha
B) Surah Al Ahzab
C) Surah Furqan
D) Surah Yaseen
E) Surah Rehman

23. The total no. of the Holy verses of the “Quran” are:
A) 113
B) 116
C) 114
D) 117
E) 115

24. The saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)is known as:
A) Sahifa
B) Fiqah
C) Quran
D) None of these
E) Hadees

25. The sacred building of Islam is situated in the center of Makkah is known as:
A) Arafat
B) Kabah
C) Meekat
D) Riazul Janat
E) Janatul Baqi

26. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) tookhis1st travel with his mother in the age of:
A) 8 years
B) 9 years
C) 7 years
D) 6 years
E) 5 years

27. The last pillar of Islam is:
A) Nimaz
B) Fasting
C) Zakat
D) Haj
E) Kalma Tayaba

28. The Number of Devine books are:
A) Three
B) One
C) Two
D) Five
E) Four

29. The wife of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Bibi Ayesha R.A was the daughter of:
A) Hazrat Umar R.A
B) Hazrat Zaid R.A
C) Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A
D) Hazrat Usman R.A
E) Hazrat Zubair R.A

30. The longest surah of the Holy Quran is:
A) Surah Alaq
B) Surah Al Hijrat
C) Surah Yaseen
D) Surah Rehman
E) Surah Baqarah

31. The revelation of the holy Quran was through the angle:
A) Meekaile A.S
B) Izraiel A.S
C) Israfeel A.S
D) Jibraiel A.S
E) None of these

32. The fasting has been done in the month of:
A) Safar
B) Shouban
C) Rajab
D) Moharam
E) Ramzan

33. When Bibi Khadija Got The marriage with the Prophet (P.B.U.H) her age was:
A) 25 years
B) 40 years
C) 30 years
D) 45 years
E) 35 years

34. Due to the social boycott of Quraish of Makkah the family of Hazrat Abu Talif has stay in the valley “Shoaib Abi Talib” almost:
A) Four year
B) One year
C) Three year
D) Five year
E) Two year

35. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) delivered his last sermon at the place of:
A) Taif
B) Uhad
C) Arafat
D) Hudabia
E) Safa Marvah

36. Batle of Uhad was fought in the year of :
A) 5 hijri
B) 6 hijri
C) 4 hijri
D) 3 hijri
E) 2 hijri

37. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) belongs to the linage of:
A) Hazrat Daud (A.S)
B) Hazrat Noonh (A.S)
C) Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)
D) Hazra tMussa (A.S)
E) Hazrat Idrees (A.S)

38. 1st Soorah of the Holy Quran:
A) Surah Alaq
B) Surah Fateh
C) Surah Ikhlas
D) Surah Naas
E) Surah Falaq

39. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) had preached Islam hiddenly almost :
A) 2 year
B) 5 year
C) 1 year
D) 3 year
E) 4 year

40. Bait-e-Uqba Oola has been in the year of Nabvi:
A) 13
B) 14
C) 11
D) 12
E) 10

Answer key:

1. D
2. Abdul Mutalib
3. D
4. B
5. B
6. D
7. D
8. D
9. D
10. C
11. D
12. A
13. D
14. B
15. D
16. A
17. B
18. E
19. C
20. A
21. A
22. D
23. A
24. E
25. B
26. E
27. D
28. E
29. C
30. E
31. D
32. E
33. B
34. C
35. C
36. D
37. C
38. B
39. D
40. E

Why Muslims got a lot of loss in the battle of Uhad?

As it is clearly pointed out in the Surah Al-i Imran, verse 152 and 165, the reason why Muslims defeated in the battle of Uhud is because of archers leaving their flanks. Disobeying to the orders of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) immediately changed the course of the battle.

In addition, when we look at the defeat from the wisdom point of view, we come across with this verse: If a wound has touched you (at Uhud), (you know that) a similar wound touched those (disbelieving) people (at Badr). Such (historic eventful) days- We deal them out in turns among people so that God may mark out those who (truly) believe and select from among you such as bear witness to the truth (with their lives);- (it is a fact that) God does not love the wrongdoers (and in the end He punishes wrong and makes truth superior). (Al-i Imran Surah, 3:140) As it is stated in the verse, Allah Almighty; to test Muslims sincerity and commitment, to exalt Companions Hazrath Hamza and Musab bin Umayr to the palm of martyrdom whom among those believers and much other wisdom that we cannot know, referred the defeat to the Muslims.

Besides, Companions (of the past) were defeated by the Companions of the future. Among the idolaters were many people like Hazrath Khalid who in the future would be equal to the leading Companions of that time. Therefore, so as not to degrade them entirely in the view of the future, which for them would be glorious and honorable. Divine wisdom gave them in the past immediate recompense for their future good works and did not completely destroy their pride. (Flashes, 7. Flash)

The leader of the idolaters in the battle of Uhud, Abu Sufyan; main reason for the Muslim defeat, Khalid bin Valid and such so on started to become a Muslim after the Hudabia Treaty.

Explain the Madni life of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in detail?

The Prophet’s entry into Madina ushers in a new phase for the divine message. Islam gaining fresh followers began to assert its strength and soon started to spread out over the four corners of the Arabian Peninsula.

In the previous chapters we have already noted that the Prophet was 53 years of age at the time of his auspicious migration. In Madina he spent the remaining 10 years of his life and it was here that other brilliant aspects of his immaculate personality became fully manifest. The divine call now entered a decisive stage and many important events took place in Madina, which eventually laid a firm foundation for the spread of Islam to the furthest reaches of the globe.

In 8 Hijra, 10,000 Muslim men were moving toward Mecca, which resulted in Victory of Mecca.

It can be seen Islam progressed rapidly when there was peace. As when there were wars – during 2 to 5 Hijra, Muslim rose from 300 to 1500 [or 3000] -Versus- during peaceful 6 to 8 Hijra, Muslim men rose to 10,000. So these events made the migration to Madinah a success. The blessings of Allah and prayers of Holy Prophet PBUH, vehement opposition by Meccans, acceptance by people in Madina, organized efforts, a Peace treaty with Meccans, and concentrated missionary work, were the causes, in short to say.

Write short notes on Bait-e-Rizwan, Mairaj, Messak-e-Madina

Write short notes on:

  1. Bait-e-Rizwan
  2. Mairaj
  3. Messak-e-Madina


Upon hearing the news of Usman’s death Holy Prophet sat down under a tree and said. “We are morally bound to avenge Usman’s blood and whosoever wants to participate in this should take oath for this on my hand that he would remain loyal till last.” All his companions took the oath placing their hands upon the hand of the Holy Prophet. Holy Prophet declaring his right hand to be the hand of Usman placing it on his other hand swore on behalf of Usman. This event is reported in the Holy Quran in these words:

“Verily those who give their hand to thee, In fact gave their hand to God, the Hand of’ God is over their hands, then anyone who violates his oath, does so to harm his own soul and who fulfills his covenant with God. God will soon grant him a great reward.”   (Sura Al fath: V, 10)

After this oath was taken information came in that the news of Usman’s death was not true.

After a long discussion of two days and two nights, Quraish sent a delegation led by Sohail Bin Umro to Hudaibiya to negotiate with Mohammad an agreement of non-aggression between Muslims and the people of Makka. Holy Prophet told Ali to prepare the document of the agreement.

Ali started writing. “In the Name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful.”

This agreement was made on the 7th year of Hegira (Migration of the Holy Prophet. All the Muslims present there were feeling disgraced and were depressed because of the terms and conditions of the agreement. Omar approached Holy Prophet and asked him. “Didn’t you say that we would go to Makka and perform pilgrimage?” Holy Prophet consoled him saying. “Indeed. God willing, you will go to Makka and have the opportunity of circumambulating Ka’aba.”



Miʿrāj, in Islam, the ascension of the Prophet Muhammad into heaven. In this tradition, Muhammad is prepared for his meeting with God by the archangels Jibrīl (Gabriel) and Mīkāl (Michael) one evening while he is asleep in the Kaʿbah, the sacred shrine of Mecca.

In the twelfth year of his mission, the Prophet made his night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, and thence to heaven. His journey, known in history as Miraj (Ascension), was a real bodily one and not only a vision. It was at this time that Allah ordered the Muslims to pray the five daily prayers.

Almighty Allah has said: Glorified (and Exalted) be He (Allah) above all that (evil) they associate with Him, Who took His slave Muhammad for a journey by night from AlMasjid-al-Haram (at Makka) to the farthest mosque (in Jerusalem), the neighborhood whereof We have blessed, in order that We might show him (Muhammad) of 0ur Ayat (proofs, evidences, lessons, signs, etc.). Verily He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer.”



Constitution of Medina, document from early Islamic history based upon two agreements concluded between the clans of Medina and the Prophet Muhammad soon after the Hijrah (Latin: Hegira), or emigration, to Medina in AD 622.

After the migration of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from Makka to Madina, there was significant political instability in Yathrib (Madina). After the culmination of war named “Buaath”, there was also a vacuum of leadership in Madina. Prophet (SAW) was a suitable and appropriate leader for the resident of Madina to fill the vacuum of leadership there. So after migration, the Holy Prophet (SAW) established a grand political coalition among all residents of Madina, (Ansaar, Muhajereen and Jews) to avoid war and settle differences in a peaceful manner. For this purpose a written agreement (Meesaq e Madina) was signed between the Muslims and Jews. This milestone document of Islamic history is considered as the first written constitution, wherein all stakeholders were given equal status and declared as ‘Ummat’. This accord provided a peaceful life to the residents of Madina alongside establishing credentials of a sagacious leader for the Holy Prophet.

Why Prophet (P.B.U.H) left Makkah and went to Madina? (Short note)

Prophet Muhammud had emigrated to Yathrib under the invitation of group of young men from one of the Arab tribes of Medina ( Aus or khazraj ) who met Prophet Muhummud P.B.U.H preaching at a trade fair at Mecca and immediately understood this was the last Messiah and Prophet that the Jews kept them threatening many times of using his leadership and belittling them in the future and so these Youth decided and dived into Islam right away within a hour of hearing Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H speech with no hesitation whatever of he being the last Prophet with his wonderful Quran verses . They did not wait to witness any miracles among the 100s of miracles of the Prophet that were already witnessed by the pagans of Mecca for the past 12 years. They did not stop with it but cut short their visit and returned to Yathrib and converted most of their tribes (about 70% ) to Islam and this was the time these quarelling two Arab groups of Aus and Khazraj came closer to each other with this great news and jointly invited Prophet P.B.U.H to Medina.

Prophet saws sent his first delegation of his about 7 – 10 companions the good memorizers of Quran to teach them Islam first. This was followed by a pledge at Aqaba by these two groups arriving near Mecca to Protect the Prophet at all cost even sacrificing their most loved ones as per Quran on the blessed hand of Prophet SAWS and other sahabas who were in great trouble under the attrocities of pagans started migrating to Yathrib in tiny groups and disguised but most of their wealth and belongings were confiscated.

As per the order of Allah Prophet Muhammud P.B.U.H awaited the permission of Allah ( unlike Prophet Jonah P.B.U.H who fled before the permission of Allah came and was swallowed by a Whale) to emigrate until the hot day when he visited at noon ( Aysha says she felt wierd that her fathers dearest friend Muhammud never visited their house during hot noon time and that too in disguised form, as noon was their normal resting time ) and gossiped to Abu Bakr RA that the Order of Allah has come to emigrate that night and get ready for the journey. So this was the night that about 10 Meccan pagans from each tribe surrounded Prophets house when he left his cousin Ali RA on his bed with also duty to deliver the valuables under his custody ( no wonder pagans titled Muhammud P.B.U.H Al Ameen -The Trustworthy though they did not like his Islam but loved his custodianship) and threw the sand on the wind that created a small sand storm ( a miracle as in Quran ) and walked away right in front of those a dozen thugs who were with swords to kill this single Trust worthy Messenger of Allah.

Conquest of Makkah

Conquest of Makkah is very important as it was won without any bloodshed. Makkah was very closed to the heart of Holy Prophet (SAW). Makkan people tortured him very much and Holy Prophet had to migrate to Madinah. There was one condition in the Treaty of Hudaibyah that Arab tribes living outside of Makkah are free to join Muslims and non-Muslims. Due to this condition, many tribes joined Muslims and non-Muslims. In 7th Hijrah, there were two tribes: Banu Bakr and Banu Khuza. Banu Bakr had the alliance with non-Muslims of Makkah and BanuKhuza had alliance with Muslims of Madinah. Banu Bakr attacked Banu Khuza without asking the permission of Makkah and killed Banu Khuza people and imprisoned some. This act was against the Treaty of Hudaibyah where it was said that tribes will not attack each other without consulting with their alliances. Banu Khuza was very active, and they didn’t show reaction because it can create fight. They sent the message to Holy Prophet (SAW) about the act of Banu Bakr. Holy Prophet (SAW) on the basis of the Treaty of Hudaibyah sent a message to Makkan people with four proposals.

  1. To pay the blood money for the victims of Banu Khuza
  2. Return all the goods and whatever they have captured
  3. Release all prisoners who are arrested
  4. Keep and take care for the sacred agreement

When Makkan people received the message of Holy Prophet (SAW), they straightly refused and said that they will reject first three proposals, and they are not bothered with this proposal. After receiving this message, Holy Prophet (SAW) consulted with his companions and they said that it is their duty now to attack Makkan people as they violated the agreement and betrayed them. Holy Prophet (SAW) again sent three proposals to rethink about their decisions and scared position of treaty. But Makkan people again refused it. It was 8th Hijrah. The words of Holy Prophet (SAW) became true that Treaty of Hudaibyah will be the basis of victory of Makkah. Holy Prophet (SAW) prepared for an army of 10,000 soldiers and they started to march towards Makkah. The position of Makkans was not same as before 10 years. All the soldiers of Makkah climbed the mountains. Abu Sufyan, who realized that Holy Prophet (SAW) is a true prophet by witnessing their defeat from small number of Muslims and miracles of Holy Prophet (SAW), he felt an urge to accept Islam. When Holy Prophet (SAW) with his army reached the hallway, Abu Sufyan met Holy Prophet (SAW) to ask forgiveness and to accept Islam. Holy Prophet (SAW) was very happy and gave him respect as a prominent leader of Makkah has come to accept Islam. Holy Prophet (SAW) called his army and issued following instructions to His army before entering Makkah.

  1. Do not attack and kill ladies, children, old people, and religious leaders.
  2. Anybody who surrender should not be killed
  3. Don’t kill the person who take refuge in the house of Abu Sufyan (RA)
  4. Those who take refuge in Kaaba should not be killed
  5. The person who run would not be killed
  6. Those who close their house door should not be killed

The army of Holy Prophet (SAW) reached Makkah and Holy Prophet (SAW) thanked Allah and performed two rakat Nawafil, he performed umrah and he entered Kaaba and removed 360 idols and he recited following verse:

Truth has come and falsehood removed and falsehood should be removed [17:81]

Holy Prophet (SAW) came outside of Kaaba and asked his army to call Makkan people in front of him. He said them that what they expect from him and what should He do. Everyone thought that Holy Prophet (SAW) will take revenge and kill them. Holy Prophet (SAW) said that he will do the same thing which Hazarat Yousaf (AS) did with his brothers. He said,

May Allah pardon you, you are free today and there is no burden on you today

Everyone was amazed that Holy Prophet (SAW) forgave them so easily even though they tortured him very badly. This forgiveness put a great impact on them. This victory in the history of Islam is known as the victory without the bloodshed with the help of Allah and his Prophet (SAW) and this was the first conquest in the history that Holy Prophet (SAW) left without leaving a single soldier in conquered city and returned back to Madinah and the conquest of Makkah was completed.