Bio-statistics MCQs- Part-II

SCENARIO (for 58 to 60)

A survey was conducted by graduate students to investigate the current situation of student in Pakistan. Some of the variable was Gender, Level of Education, Ethnicity, Place of domicile, Age, Marital status & employee status. Following questions (58- 60) are related this scenario;

58. Appropriate graph to display marital status (Married, Unmarried, Divorced, widow) is;
a. Frequency polygon
b. Scatter plot
c. Pie chart
d. Histogram

59. Level of education is;
a. Nominal data
b. Ordinal data
c. Discrete data
d. None of these

60. The best way to display Age data is to draw;
a. Histogram
b. Bar chart
c. Both a & b
d. None of these

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