The educational institutions play significant role in the development of a country the moulds the attitude and behaviour of the individual in a certain name in a particular situation.


  1. Formal Education.
  2. Informal Education.
  3. General Education.
  4. Technical Education.
  5. Conventional Education.
  6. Person-Centred Education.
  7. Progressive Education.
  8. Conservative Education.
  9. Prejudiced Education.
  10. Liberal Education.
  11. Religious Education.
  12. Secular Education.
  13. Moral Education.
  14. Scientific Education.
  15. Formal Education: In this an individual receives education in class room E.g. Education in School, College etc…
  16. Informal Education: In this an individual receives education from out side the class room. It starts from the time a baby in born and continues as long as he lives.
  17. General Education: In this type a person receives education as a routine. It is divided into following categories.1) Primary School. 2) Middle School. 3) High School. 4) College.
  18. Technical Education: It is given to an individual to train him in specific field.1. School of Nursing.2. Medical College.3. Technical College.
  19. Conventional Education: It is known as traditional education or indoctrination. Indoctrination means forcing a special idea, belief or mode of learning upon individuals and giving them no opportunity to consider any other point of view.It is rigid form of education in which importance is given to indirect way.
  20. Person-Centred Education: In this type the whole person is given importance i.e. the feelings, passion and intellect.
  21. Progressive Education: It is also known as emulative education. It is a competitive type of education in which an individual have freedom to compete. This education shows rapid progress or reform. It is flexible because it welcomes change.
  22. Conservative Education: In this type, values are preserved.
  23. Prejudiced Education: In this, educations are very staunch and are not open-minded to accept new ideas. It may be called an extremist group.
  24. Liberal Education: It is also called democratic education. It is flexible and more open. It is ready to accept new ideas.
  25. Religious Education: It is a belief-oriented education which is compulsory for each and every individual. It stays within the limits of religious beliefs.
  26. Secular Education: It is an education with in sight focusing our reality with no consideration for any religion.
  27. Moral Education: It is also known as ethical education it safeguards the principles of humanity and produces ideal human being.
  28. Scientific Education: It is based on empiricism. In this type, an individual produces a theory and also prove into application.


Two types of functions:

  1. Manifest Function.
  2. Latent Function.

Some of the important Manifest Functions are as follow:

  1. To provide education
  2. To provide religious instruction and guidance.
  3. To teach discipline.
  4. To regulate morals.
  5. To provide recreation.
  6. To regulate social welfare activities.

They help in bringing social control and orderly life in a society.


In Pakistan, the basic problem regarding education is that, people don’t have the sense to get good education.
In Pakistan, the most of population about 80% of people live in villages and majority are uneducated. This backwardness creates problems and people find difficult to solve them.
The following are the major problems of educational system:

  1. Inadequate educational system.
  2. Children’s are absent with lots of problems.
  3. Ununiform system of education.
  4. Poor standard of education.
  5. Ineffective education system.
  6. Waste of educational resources.

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