Preceptor and Preceptee


An experienced and competent professional

  • Acquire the necessary education and training
  • Act as a positive role model for the profession and demonstrates best practice and excellence in professional behaviours
  • Orientate and  integrate  the  preceptee  into  the  profession  and  the  clinical environment
  • Provide support and opportunity for learning
  • Respond to learner diversity and needs
  • Develop and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment
  • Instruct, supervise, assess and evaluate the preceptee
  • Provide and receive coaching and constructive feedback
  • Assist in the development of clinical skills
  • Assist in the transitioning of the preceptee from learner to practitioner who are reflective decision makers
  • Assist in the integration of theory with practice and consolidation of knowledge
  • Collaborate with preceptee at all stages of preceptorship


  An active learner who is engaged in learning from a preceptor

  • Collaborate with preceptor at all stages of preceptorship
  • Take initiative, demonstrate motivation to learn and apply best practice principles
  • Be accountable and take responsibility for learning
  • Acquire and develop clinical skills
  • Integrate theory with practice and consolidate knowledge
  • Transition to a reflective decision maker
  • Integrate into the profession and clinical environment

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