Pre-Interview Written test for the post of Staff Nurse BPS-16 Health Department Government of Sindh.

Tuesday 06th October 2015 Time: 01:00pm to 02:30pm Maximum Marks 100


1) Which One of the following drug may cause peptic ulcer:
(A) Aspirin (B) Paracetamol (C) Vitamin C (D) Doxycycline
2) Typhoid fever is caused by:
(A) E-Coli (B) Salmonella Typhi (C) Plasmodium (D) Parasite
3) Nursing Intervention for pre-operative preparation of patient are as follows, except:
(A) Decrease anxiety
(B) Assess patient to understand per and post-operative events
(C) Teach patient to perform deep breathing and leg exercises
(D) Propose appropriate surgical procedure
4) Improving Sanitation in a Village is:
(A) Primary prevention
(B) Primo Moto
(C) Secondary prevention
(D) Not a prevention measure
5) Mandatory test for Tuberculosis is
(A) X-ray chest
(B) Sputum for bacterium
(C) Tuberculosis test “D”
(D) Scan of chest
6) Edema is defined as excessive accumulation of:
(A) Interstiscial fluid
(B) Intravascular fluid
(C) Peritoneal fluid
(D) Lymphatic fluid
7) Collapse otherwise normal lung tissue is termed as
(A) Asthma
(B) Tuberculosis
(C) Atelectasis
(D) Pneumonia
8) Host is infected, but does not become functionally infection & thus does not transmit on to
(A) Obligate host
(B) Definitive host
(C) Intermediate host
(D) Dead and host
9) Stomatitis is inflammation of:
(A) Rectum
(B) Vagina
(C) Oral cavity
(D) Esophagus
10) Hypertension is most common due to
(A) Renal Disease
(B) cardiovascular disease
(C) Endocrinal cause
(D) Idiopathic

11) A lady is suffering from chronic renal failure, her blood will mostly lack in
(A) Erythrocytes
(B) Neutrophils
(C) Monocytes
(D) Lymphocytes
12) A baby boy is born after C section of three-kilogram weight with APGAR score is 9 out of 10 what you will take being on duty medical assistant:
(A) Cut the umbilical cord
(B) Suction of mouth and Nostrils
(C) Give to mother for breast feeding
(D) Give bath
13) The Ideal BMI of a person is:
(A) 14-19
(B) 20-25
(C) 26-29
(D) 30-35
14) The best position of a mother in first stage of labor is
(A) Lithotomy
(B) Supine
(C) Knee-chest
(D) Left lateral
15) Maximum score in Glasgow-coma scale is:
(A) 5
(B) 10
(C) 15
(D) 20
16) A patient is has come from Sukkur, is reported to have generalized aches, pain and rashes on palms and soles. The most likely diagnosis is:
(A) Scarlet fever
(B) Trypanosomiasis
(C) Malaria
(D) Dengue
17) Which one of the following is good cholesterol for consumption:
(D) Triglycerides
18) Following is true regarding chlorination, except:
(A) Contact period -30 minutes
(B) Free chlorine 0.5 mg/liter from one hour
(C) Water should not be turbid
(D) Chlorine demand should be estimated
19) The drug commonly used to manage the cardiac arrhythmias is:
(A) Ventolin (B) Digoxin (C) ceftriaxone (D) Metformin
20) Best indicator of air pollution is:
(A) Lead (B) Dust (C) carbon monoxide (D) Rust
21) Which of the following is not a function of nervous tissue:
(A) Conduction (B) Contraction (C) Integration (D) coordination
22) Which type of worm cause the iron deficiency anaemia:
(A) Thread worms (B) Round worms (C) Hook worms (D) Tape worms
23) All are soil mediated infections, except:
(A) Whipworm (B) Hook worms (C) Round Worms (D) Tape worms
24) Following are sign of labor, except:
(A) Painful uterine contraction
(B) Watery vaginal discharge
(C) Show
(D) Descend of fetal
25) The nursing management of cancer patient receiving chemotherapy include all, except:
(A) Prevention of infection
(B) Management of bleeding
(C) Patient education
(D) Change of chemotherapy
26) Leading cause of diarrheal disease in:
(A) Enterotoxgenic Escherichia Coli
(B) B. Salmonella (non-typhoid)
(C) Rota Virus
(D) D. Campylobacter
27) For diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, the sputum of AFB should be examined for:
(A) One day (B) Two days (C) Three days (D) Four days
28) The change occurring in the disease frequency over many years is called:
(A) Cyclical trend (B) Seasonal trend (C) Secular trend (D) None of these
29) HBV vaccine is given by the rout of:
(A) Subcutaneous (B) Intravenous (C) Intradermal (D) Intramuscular

30) Which of the following drug can only be given by intravenous rout:
(A) Calcium gluconate (B) Magnesium sulphate (C) Vitamin K (D) Vitamin D3
31) What is WHO recommended normal cholesterol level in human?
(A) 200 ml/dl (B) Below 200 ml/dl (C) Above 200 ml/dl (D) None of these
32) The blood which can be transfused without cross matching in patient which hemorrhagic shock,
(A) A Rh +ve (B) B Rh +ve (C) AB –ve (D) O Rh –ve
33) Which are the following is not a feature of Horner’s Syndrome
(A) Miosis (B) Ptosis (C) Hypohidrosis (D) Arthritis
34) The time from receiving the infection to the onset of infectiousness, i.e. the ability to transmit infection,
(A) Latency period (B) Window period (C) Infective period (D) Incubation period.
35) Following vitamins are absorbed from small intestine, except
(A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin D (C) Vitamin C (D) Vitamin B 12
36) Sputum specimen in unconscious patient can be obtained by,
(A) Coughing (B) Postural drainage (C) tracheal aspiration (D) Aspiration syringe
37) In an outbreak of cholera in a village 2000 population, 20 cases have occurred and 5 died. Case fatality is:
(A) 1% (B) 5% (C) 10% (D) 25%
38) Saw tooth appearance in ECG shows:
(A) Atrial flutter (B) Atrial fibrillation (C) Heart block (D) Myocardial Infraction
39) Chicken pox is caused by:
(A) Herpes zoster (B) HPV (C) Rubella virus (D) Mumps
40) Pulmonary arty arises from
(A) Right atrium (B) Left atrium (C) Right Ventricle (D) Left ventricle
41) Following are complications of uncontrolled diabetes, except:
(A) Peripheral Neuropathy (B) Retinopathy (C) Microvascular Disease (D) Asthma
42) The minimum recommended dose of “free” residual chlorine in water for routine 3 chlorination,
(A) 10 mg/it after 1-hour contact
(B) 0.5 mg/it after ½ hour contact
(C) 0.5 mg/it after 1-hour contact
(D) 4 mg/it after ½ hour contact
43) Rickets is a disease caused by deficiency of,
(A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin B complex (C) Calcium (D) Magnesium
44) Ground water has the following advantages, except:
(A) Likely to be free from pathogenic organism
(B) Usually required no treatment
(C) Supply is likely to be certain during dry season
(D) Likely pour
45) AIDS is a disease caused by:
(A) Virus (B) Bacteria (C) Fungi (D) Parasite
46) In which of the following congenital hyperbilirubinemia syndrome phenobarbital is indicated,
(A) Gilbert’s (B) Crigler Najjar (C) Dubbin Johnson (D) Rotor
47) The common type of anemia in pregnancy is,
(A) Megaloblastic (B) Iron Deficiency (C) Haemolytic (D) Aplastic
48) Fever is terms as high grade if it is :
(A) < 98° F (B) > 98° F (C) > 100 °F (D) > 104°F
49) Mumps is disease caused by:
(A) Thyroid gland (B) Parotid gland (C) Pituitary gland (D) parathyroid gland
50) Patient is in recovery room after surgery. The most important initial nursing intervention is:
(A) Check wound (B) Check urinary output (C) Check Vitals (D) Check skin color

51) Bluish discoloration of skin is called:
(A) Anemia (B) Jaundice (C) Dehydration (D) Cyanosis
52) Blood complete picture shows microcytic hypochromic anemia, that may be due to deficiency of:
(A) Folic Acid (B) Iron (C) Vitamin B12 (D) Iodine
53) The last system during fetal life to mature is:
(A) Cardiovascular system (B) Genitourinary system
(C) Respiratory system (D) Nervous system
54) If a patient develops reaction due to incompatibility of blood the early nursing intervention should be:
(A)Administer adrenaline (B) Give oxygen by mask
(C) Stop administration of blood (D) Administer atropine
55) Thyroxin is secreted from:
(A) Pituitary gland (B) Hypothalamus (C) Parathyroid gland (D) Thyroid gland
56) Beta blocker are contraindicated in management of hypertension in association with:
(A) Myocardial Infraction (B) Asthma (C) Diabetes (D) peptic ulcer
57) A person required blood transfusion after road accident, which of the following blood can’t be transfused to patient. His own blood group is A positive.
(A) A negative (B) O positive (C) O negative (D) AB positive
58) Enteral feeding is feeding through:
(A) Stomach tube (B) Nasogastric tube (C) Intravenous route (D) Oral route
59) In which condition breastfeeding is contraindicated in infant:
(A) Diabetes (B) Hepatitis (C) Diarrhea (D) Active Tuberculosis
60) Nursing care in gastroscopy include all, except:
(A) Explanation of procedure
(B) No fluid is given for 4 to 6 hours before surgery
(C) Antibiotic is administered ½ hour before surgery
(D) Dentures and jewellery is removed
61) The ability of a microorganism to produce disease in a shorter period of time with a very low dose even
(A) Pathogenicity (B) Virulence (C) Infectivity (D) None of these
62) The Common cause of vertigo, except:
(A) Meniere’s disease (B) Labyrinthitis (C) Acoustic neurons (D) Mastoiditis
63) Influenza pandemic occurs after every 7-10 years. This kind of disease distribution in time is known as:
(A) Secular (B) Short time fluctuation (C) Cyclical trend (D) Seasonal trend
64) Oxytocin is secreted by:
(A) Anterior pituitary (B) Posterior pituitary (C) Thyroid (D) Hypothalamus
65) Soma is part of:
(A) Neuron (B) Muscle fiber (C) Connectivity tissue (D)Epithelial tissue
66) Impersonal health care includes all, except:
(A) Mental and child health (B) Water supply
(C) School health (D) Occupational health
67) The integrity, principles, ethics, meaning and purpose in life, are said to be
(A) Physical dimension (B) Mental dimension
(C) Emotional dimension (D) Spiritual dimension
68) Diabetes mellitus is caused by deficiency of,
(A) Thyroxin (B) Calcitonin (C) Insulin (D) Spleen
69) Vesicovaginal fistula abnormal communication between,
(A) Bladder and vagina (B) Urethra and vagina
(C) Rectum and vagina (D) Ureter and vagina
70) Disinfection of living tissue is called:
(A) Sepsis (B) Antisepsis (C) Antibiotic (D) Bacterial

71) All are early manifestation of shock, except:
(A) Decrease in blood pressure (B) Rapid weak pulse
(C) Moist cold skin (D) Decreased Urination
72) Which of the following is not a fat soluble vitamin,
(A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin C (C) Vitamin D (D) Vitamin E
73) Prevention of the emergence or development of risk factors in countries or Population group is not yet an appeared is known as:
(A) Primordial
(B) Primary prevention
(C) Secondary prevention
(D) Tertiary prevention
74) Purest water in nature is from
(A) Lakes (B) Rain (C) Spring (D) wales
75) Appendicitis is suspected from the blood complete picture showing raised,
(A) Neutrophils (B) Eosinophils (C) Basophils (D) Lymphocytes
76) P 5 stand for:
(A) Mountainous peak Nanga Parbat
(B) 5 permanent members of UN security
(C) A cruise missile
(D) Election manifesto of PPP
77) Who Coined the word Pakistan?
(A) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
(B) Chaudhry Rehmat Ali
(C) Maulvi Fazalhaq
(D) Allama Iqbal
78) The first president of Pakistan under 1973 constitution was:
(A) Z. A. Bhutto (B) Chaudry fazal Illahi (C) Ghulam Ishaq khan (D) Farooq Laghari
79) A short history of Saracen’s is a famous book by Syed Amir Ali. What is the meaning of Saracen’s
(A) People of the east (B) Ethiopians (C) Umayyad (D) Fatimid
80) Hassan Ali Effendi established Sindh Muhammadan Association on the advice of:
(A) Quaid-e-Azam (B) G.M. Bhurgri (C) Justice Syed Ameer Ali (D) Mualana Ubaid

81) Theory of Relativity was first presented by:
(A) Max Planck (B) Albert Einstein (C) Shankar Acharya (D) Socrates
82) Constitutional history of India begins with:
(A) Arab rule (B) Mughal rule (C) Act of 1935 (D) Independence Act of India
83) Largest desert of the world is:
(A) Australian (B) Arabian (C) Gobi (D) Sahara
84) “Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam” is a modern classic written by:
(A) Abu Kalam Azad (B) Allama Iqbal (C) Dr. Zakir Hussain (D) Abdullah Yousef
85) Millennium Development Goals (MDG) set by UN ought to be achieved by the year:
(A) 2013 (B) 2014 (C) 2015 (D) 2016
86) The first man on the moon was an American astronaut in 1969, his name was:
(A) Michael Collins (B) Edwin Buzz Aldrin (C) Stephen King (D) Neil Armstrong
87) Edward Snowden worked for US secret service and now calls himself a “whistleblower”. They called him,
(A) A rogue employee
(B) An informer who listen to his conscience
(C) A Spy
(D) Govt. Employee
88) The Simla delegation called on Lord Minto, the Viceroy of India, in October 1906, the delegation Led by:
(A) (A) M.R. Ghandi (B) Sir Agha Khan (C) Allama Iqbal (D) Sir Saleem ullah Khan
89) Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s ‘Risalo’ was first published by Dr. Ernest Trump From:
(A) Paris (B) London (C) Leipzig (D) Bombay
90) Who is the author of great English epic “Paradise Lost”?
(A) Shakespeare (B) Milton (C) Wordsworth (D) Tennyson
91) In 1847 the province of Sindh was divided in how many collectorates?
(A) Five (B) Three (C) Four (D) Six
92) Sindh became a separate province after 1935 Act of India and was separated from Bombay Presidency from the year?
(A) 1935 (B) 1937 (C) 1936 (D) 1939
93) Gomal Zam Dam was inaugurated in 2013 at:
(A) North Waziristan (B) South Waziristan (C) Upper Dir (D) Skardu
94) After the abolition of One unite scheme, in which year Sindh regained the provincial status?
(A) 1969 (B) 1970 (C) 1973 (D) 1968
95) RADAR was invented in 1935 as a way of locating enemy aircraft. Its inventor was:
(A) Frank Morris (B) Mortimer Wheeler (C) Robert Watson-Watt (D) James Martin
96) Grammar can be defined as:
(A) Art of politics
(B) Rules to combine works into larger unite of language
(C) Science of oratory
(D) Composing poetry
97) “In Black and White” Means:
(A) A movie in two colours (B) In writing (C) Without doubt (D) On the spot
98) “A rolling stone” means?
(A) A person who does not stay at one place
(B) A Criminal (C) A jester (D) An Actor
99) The vast alluvial plains laying between the western banks of Manchar lake and Kirthar range is?
(A) Kachu (B) Kohistan (C) Kaachho (D) Indus Delta
100) After the conquest of Sindh in 1843 the first British Governor of Sindh was:
(A) Sir John Jacob (B) Sir Charles Napier (C) Bartle Frere (D) Richard Burton

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Pre-Interview Written test for the post of Staff Nurse BPS-16 Health Department Government of Sindh.

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