Conquest of Makkah

Conquest of Makkah is very important as it was won without any bloodshed. Makkah was very closed to the heart of Holy Prophet (SAW). Makkan people tortured him very much and Holy Prophet had to migrate to Madinah. There was one condition in the Treaty of Hudaibyah that Arab tribes living outside of Makkah are free to join Muslims and non-Muslims. Due to this condition, many tribes joined Muslims and non-Muslims. In 7th Hijrah, there were two tribes: Banu Bakr and Banu Khuza. Banu Bakr had the alliance with non-Muslims of Makkah and BanuKhuza had alliance with Muslims of Madinah. Banu Bakr attacked Banu Khuza without asking the permission of Makkah and killed Banu Khuza people and imprisoned some. This act was against the Treaty of Hudaibyah where it was said that tribes will not attack each other without consulting with their alliances. Banu Khuza was very active, and they didn’t show reaction because it can create fight. They sent the message to Holy Prophet (SAW) about the act of Banu Bakr. Holy Prophet (SAW) on the basis of the Treaty of Hudaibyah sent a message to Makkan people with four proposals.

  1. To pay the blood money for the victims of Banu Khuza
  2. Return all the goods and whatever they have captured
  3. Release all prisoners who are arrested
  4. Keep and take care for the sacred agreement

When Makkan people received the message of Holy Prophet (SAW), they straightly refused and said that they will reject first three proposals, and they are not bothered with this proposal. After receiving this message, Holy Prophet (SAW) consulted with his companions and they said that it is their duty now to attack Makkan people as they violated the agreement and betrayed them. Holy Prophet (SAW) again sent three proposals to rethink about their decisions and scared position of treaty. But Makkan people again refused it. It was 8th Hijrah. The words of Holy Prophet (SAW) became true that Treaty of Hudaibyah will be the basis of victory of Makkah. Holy Prophet (SAW) prepared for an army of 10,000 soldiers and they started to march towards Makkah. The position of Makkans was not same as before 10 years. All the soldiers of Makkah climbed the mountains. Abu Sufyan, who realized that Holy Prophet (SAW) is a true prophet by witnessing their defeat from small number of Muslims and miracles of Holy Prophet (SAW), he felt an urge to accept Islam. When Holy Prophet (SAW) with his army reached the hallway, Abu Sufyan met Holy Prophet (SAW) to ask forgiveness and to accept Islam. Holy Prophet (SAW) was very happy and gave him respect as a prominent leader of Makkah has come to accept Islam. Holy Prophet (SAW) called his army and issued following instructions to His army before entering Makkah.

  1. Do not attack and kill ladies, children, old people, and religious leaders.
  2. Anybody who surrender should not be killed
  3. Don’t kill the person who take refuge in the house of Abu Sufyan (RA)
  4. Those who take refuge in Kaaba should not be killed
  5. The person who run would not be killed
  6. Those who close their house door should not be killed

The army of Holy Prophet (SAW) reached Makkah and Holy Prophet (SAW) thanked Allah and performed two rakat Nawafil, he performed umrah and he entered Kaaba and removed 360 idols and he recited following verse:

Truth has come and falsehood removed and falsehood should be removed [17:81]

Holy Prophet (SAW) came outside of Kaaba and asked his army to call Makkan people in front of him. He said them that what they expect from him and what should He do. Everyone thought that Holy Prophet (SAW) will take revenge and kill them. Holy Prophet (SAW) said that he will do the same thing which Hazarat Yousaf (AS) did with his brothers. He said,

May Allah pardon you, you are free today and there is no burden on you today

Everyone was amazed that Holy Prophet (SAW) forgave them so easily even though they tortured him very badly. This forgiveness put a great impact on them. This victory in the history of Islam is known as the victory without the bloodshed with the help of Allah and his Prophet (SAW) and this was the first conquest in the history that Holy Prophet (SAW) left without leaving a single soldier in conquered city and returned back to Madinah and the conquest of Makkah was completed.

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