Surely on more than one occasion, you’ve heard about the supposed relationship between the hymen and a woman’s virginity. But this information is even faker than the love you swore to your ex 😉, since it really is just a myth that has been believed by women for years, and we’ll explain why here.

The first thing you need to know is that the hymen is a thin, elastic membrane located at the entrance of your vagina, which has a small hole that allows for menstrual flow each month and facilitates the placement of tampons, which, like any other part of our body, is different in every woman.

Does having a hymen means I’m a virgin?

Actually… They aren’t related! There are people who believe that if you’re a virgin the hymen is intact, but this is totally FALSE. A woman loses her virginity the moment she has sex with another person, that is when there’s intercourse. The hymen may or may not break during this activity due to its elasticity.

It’s important to know that there are women who are born with the hymen naturally open, or even without one, which is completely normal. There are also many activities that can break the hymen, such as biking, sports, or a hard fall. So you can’t really tell if someone has had sex by the way their hymen is. 

Learn to identify the myths and truths of your hymen with these 6 facts:

1. There are many shapes and sizes: as with the rest of our body, the hymen can vary in shape and size for each woman.

2. Some women don’t have one: there are many women who are born without a hymen but relax, it’s super normal!

3. It doesn’t always cause bleeding when you stretch: some women have hymens that stretch very easily and don’t cause bleeding. In fact, less than half of women experience some type of bleeding during their first sexual intercourse.

4. It isn’t something that can explode: it’s a false myth, the idea comes from the bleeding that some women have after having sex for the first time. The truth is that bleeding can happen when the hymen is stretched, not because it explodes.

5. It may hurt a little when it’s being stretched for the first time: it’s something that doesn’t happen to all women, but if it does, it’s a very small discomfort. 

6. It changes over time: in girls, the hymen is thick and bulky, but over time it becomes thinner and more fragile.

Remember that it’s really important to know our body in order to have better physical and sexual health. Before any strange change, it’s always better to visit your doctor


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